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Attention: Phishing attempts pretending to come from the Participant Portal!

6.07.2017 12:33

Several Participant Portal users reported to us that they received emails from the e-mail address, pretending to come from the Participant Portal, asking for vital personal and financial data such as ID or bank account details. Such e-mails may also ask you to click on a link or download an attachment to update your pertinent information there.

Your first action against phishing is to be vigilant. Protect yourself by keeping the following in mind:

  1. The Participant Portal will never ask you to send important personal and financial information via email. When logging on to the Participant Portal, check that you use the default URL address as the starting point.
  2. Ignore phishing messages. Do not be coerced into following their instructions simply because they have threatened you that something will happen to your account or to your application for EU funding if you do not respond.
  3. Exercise caution when opening attachments or downloading files. These may contain viruses or software that may pose security threats to your computer.
  4. Update your user password regularly. Do not use passwords that can be easily attributed to you such as your name or birthday.

Report any suspicion of a phishing incident to us via our IT Service Desk.

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