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KIC InnoEnergy launches the InnoEnergy Pathways Fellowship Programme

4.04.2014 11:49

The InnoEnergy Pathways Fellowship Programme for young researchers and engineers is now open!

InnoEnergy Pathways is co-funded by the European Union as a Marie Curie Action. It is open to PhDs and engineers with 4+ years of experience to promote research and facilitate their mobility within Europe.

The programme covers all the Sustainable Energy research fields addressed by KIC InnoEnergy and will accept 123 researchers from both hard and soft sciences.

It offers young researchers the opportunity to be recruited by one of the 190+ world-class KIC InnoEnergy Partners, providing financing to significantly reduce their employment costs for 2 years.

By registering online, applicants can be identified and potentially hired by KIC InnoEnergy Partners: research centres, industry key players and startups.

If applicants already have contacts, or have been recruited by one of these partners, we encourage them to apply.

OPEN UP! We are creating new species of researchers!

Please, find attached a brochure dedicated to potential applicants.

InnoEnergy Pathways Candidates

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