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Partner Profile for RISE and ITN

26.03.2014 12:31

NOVARIC Ltd. is a small and medium enterprise focusing mainly on research commercialisation activities in Malta and internationally. The core business objectives and goals of Novaric Ltd. are to create a research commercialisation platform for research institutions, independent researchers and industry. The concept of commercialisation and its benefits are explained to researchers.

By providing insight to researchers and industry on the rationale for engaging in research commercialisation activities, Novaric Ltd. are deepening the understanding of commercialisation and ultimately improving their practice. The scope is to narrow the existing gap in this field between researchers and industry and work closely with research institutions and researchers in identifying their research commercialization potential whilst approaching the relevant industry to present the potential product/service. Researchers, regardless of disciplinary background, are offered guidance towards possible spin-offs and company formation. Training is also provided to researchers to encourage entrepreneurship, management, financing research activities, intellectual property rights, business ethical traits, communication and societal outreach.

For more information kindly contact Dr Alban Thika,

Tel: +356 7999 7135

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